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Sports Byline USA and Octagon Announce Original Content Partnership


September 29, 2022

Sports Byline USA, America’s Sports Talk Network, and Octagon, a leading global agency in sports, entertainment and culture, have announced a multi-platform content partnership to include development, production and distribution of film, TV and podcast projects.

The collaboration will debut with the launch of “Behind the Barrier, Voices from the Negro Leagues,” an eight-part podcast series about the 50+ year history of the Negro Leagues.  Narrated by actor and philanthropist Bill Overton, the series features more than 50 interviews by Sports Byline Founder and radio host Ron Barr, with some of the most prominent members of the Negro Leagues, including Hank Aaron (Indianapolis Clowns), Ernie Banks (Kansas City Monarchs), Buck O’Neill (Kansas City Monarchs) and Eloyd Robinson (Homestead Grays).

“We’re excited to partner with Octagon on ‘Behind the Barrier’, and their future expansion of award-winning content development projects across the entertainment industry,” said Darren Peck, President, Sports Byline.  “Pairing our worldwide reach and exclusive, one-of-a-kind content with Octagon’s global sports and entertainment assets creates a new Dream Team.”

“Adding Sports Byline original material to our ongoing film, TV and podcast projects will only help expand our footprint and allow us to produce an even more diverse and comprehensive collection of work,” said Jason Weichelt, VP, Content Development and Production, Octagon.  “Access to the tremendous library of unique content that Ron and Darren have built over three decades creates endless possibilities for new content projects.”

Octagon is also working with Sports Byline to license content of existing shows for its growing podcast network, including top shows by Sports Byline talents Rick Tittle, Ron Barr and Wrestling Observer Daily host Bryan Alvarez.

In addition to this latest partnership with Octagon, Sports Byline USA, part of the Barr Media Group, has a number of other content partnerships under development, along with ever-evolving programming on its worldwide 24-hour radio, online and podcast networks.

About Sports Byline USA dba Barr Media Group

Sports Byline USA distributes programming to more than 200 satellite radio stations in the US as well as other platforms such as Sirius XM, iHeart Radio, Stitcher and Apple Podcast.  Additionally, Sports Byline USA content is the primary sports programming partner for the American Forces Network which broadcasts on 500 radio stations in 168 countries.

About Octagon

Octagon is the preeminent integrated marketing and talent management agency in global sports and entertainment.  The agency creates distinctive marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands and Fortune 500 companies across the globe and represents more than 1,000 of the most prominent and influential athletes, talent and properties in the world.

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