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KAL PENN APPROVES THIS MESSAGE -"Kal Penn Approves our Democracy" - Kal Penn celebrates the ways that young voters have already changed the world, and equips them with the essential tools to make their voices more impactful than ever in this election. "Kal Penn Approves This Message" premieres on Tuesday, September 22 at 10:30p.m. EDT/PDT on Freeform. (Freeform) KAL PENN

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Actor, comedian, and former White House Staff member Kal Penn joins Rick on the show to talk about his limited series “Kal Penn Approves This Message” which can be seen on Freeform. The show takes a look at politics and the election in an effort to appeal to the younger vote. Kal also shares some stories from “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” as well as from his time as a White House staff member under the Obama Administration.

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